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Cask Standard

Cask ale is Britain’s national drink, it has long been praised as the “saviour of the trade” and is a category that continues to grow. Cask reached its highest market share in over a decade last year accounting for 15.2% of on-trade beer sales, equating to approximately 1 in 6 pints served in the pub. As well as enjoying great success in the on-trade beer market, cask ale is outperforming the majority of other drinks available on the bar.

Cask ale is only available in on-trade outlets and is often viewed as a guide to the standard and quality of a pub. The OnTrade Preview 2011 describes cask as “much more than a ‘cross the road’ category”, with cask ale lovers crossing towns and even counties for a decent pint. The unique selling point that cask offers to pubs has been proved to help drive turnover and footfall; cask drinkers visit pubs more regularly, spend more money whilst in the pub and influence the pub choice of their non-cask drinking friends. With these benefits to pubs, it is no surprise that more pubs are now stocking cask ale, with an increase of 3000 pubs in the year between the 2009 and 2010 Cask Reports.

Below is a selection of the Cask Ales available from Middleton's. To view our complete range of products see our online brochure.

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