Packaged Ciders

The cider resurgence was kick-started by Bulmers and Magners with their over-ice trend. The market then saw a shift towards pear ciders as opposed to traditional apple ciders. Following the pear cider trend, the latest trend in the cider market is fruit flavours. Both the pear and fruit flavours cider trends have fuelled the emergence of new consumer groups, specifically 2.3 million younger (18-24) female drinkers with which the pear and fruit varieties are popular.

The fruit blends offer a great opportunity in a market that is characterised by switching and experimenting between brands and varieties. Further innovation and greater segmentation is expected in the cider market which will undoubtedly fuel the formation of additional consumer groups. While the trend in bottled ciders has moved towards fruit flavours, within the overall cider market there has been a resurgence in the popularity of pulled pints with draught cider accounting for more than two thirds of the market. With so many brands and varieties to choose from, the key strategy is to stock a balanced range.

Below is a selection of the Bottled Ciders available from Middleton's. To view our complete range of products see our online brochure.

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